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It's now official!

Falsetto Music Agency has a new co-owner! Frank Seguin & Ben Thériault joined forces! Ben, owner and president of Havok Industries, has recently restructured his company and is transferring his special events production and music video production branches to FMA! Photo: Bertrand Calmeau IG: @bcalmeau ***** C'est maintenant officiel, Falsetto Music Agency a un nouveau co-propriétaire! Frank Seguin & Ben Thériault joignent leurs forces! Ben, propriétaire et président de Havok Industries, a récemment restructuré sa compagnie et transfère ses branches de production d'événements et de production de vidéoclips chez FMA!

Frank Séguin (on the right) and new F.M.A. co-owner Ben Thériault. Photo by Bertrand Calmeau

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