About us

Because all good thing start somewhere

The Vision

Through Falsetto Music Agency, we want to highlight the talent, efforts and achievements of Canadian artists and music creators. The mission is to shine a light over different musical genres that are often left alone by the medias and the global music industry. By giving the artists, the tools, the exposure and the support they need to fuel the passion, we wants to re-create the place in which a record label should stand in an artist’s career.

The Passion

Music will always be the passion. That’s what Falsetto Music Agency is all about! The tone, the rhythm, the melody, the voicing, the harmony, the ear worms that get stuck in our heads and the emotions we attach to it, makes music a need for every living soul on earth.

More than just a label


Anybody who followed the emerging music scene in the last 10 years know about the numerous amounts of Indie labels that grew up in Canada and most likely in the Quebec region. Many of those were artists owned and only lasted for a few months. Some of them managed to stay in the game but not without a struggle. The music industry has changed a lot and many artists are pushing the limits of self production towards self representation, questioning themselves about the pertinence of a record label.

Building a team

Our many years of experience in the field as musicians and concerts producers has showed us that every artist reaches a certain limit in what they can efficiently do on their own. Here at Falsetto Music Agency, we worked on building a dream team that joins many relevant fields of expertise.

Making a difference

The time where a record label could sign any artist within the limits of the same contract templates is a story of the past. Nowadays, different artists call for different needs. What we have in mind is a different approach for every need.
Whether it is a physical distribution deal, a digital distribution one, a tour managing solution, a record production, a marketing plan or merchandising, Falsetto Music Agency will follow.

In rock we trust

Through our Falsetto Records label division, our goal is to give our rock and Indie artists all the support, exposure and tools they need, to reach the fast growing,
overwhelming crowd who’s asking for this kind of music. We strongly believe this musical genre reaches a high potential of individuals as listeners and we’re making it our primary genre.